The Hootsuite Platform

Hootsuite is a social media management system that simplifies the way in which companies leverage social media, by providing advanced tools to engage with customers more accurately, effectively, and securely. Hootsuite also provides analytics; measuring the effectiveness of a company's social media content, marketing efforts, and insights into their brand.

Hootsuite's platform enables you to build apps that integrate with, and extend your social media management capabilities. We support integration with a range of client and server side technologies:

  • IFrame SDK

    For building apps that render in the Hootsuite Dashboard UI


    For building apps that integrate with Hootsuite functionality & data

  • Webhooks

    For building apps that respond to real-time events generated in Hootsuite

We do our best to give App Developers everything they need to create useful apps for their customers. The Hootsuite platform supports the following technologies, in the form of app components, which developers can use to create great experiences:

IFrame SDK
  • Stream - Integrate into the Hootsuite dashboard via streams
  • Plugin - Send relevant Hootsuite data to an external service
  • Content Source - Act as a source of content for users in the Publisher Tab

REST API & Webhooks
  • REST API - Integrate with Hootsuite services like Message Publishing or User Management
  • Webhooks - Subscribe to receive webhooks when Hootsuite events occur
  • Prescreening - Add an external approval process to your outgoing content
  • Media Library - Act as a source of content for users in New Compose

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The Hootsuite Platform

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