The REST API allows you to build applications that interact with Hootsuite and operates on the same data. That means message actions performed through the API are visible inside the Hootsuite Dashboard and can benefit from functionality offered there. Features of the API include:

  • REST/JSON APIs to integrate with Hootsuite backend services
  • Industry Standard OAuth2 Authentication
  • HTTP Webhooks for simple event notifications
  • SAML 2.0 for Single Sign On integration.

Publishing API

Use the Publishing API to schedule content to post to social media accounts on a specific date and time including media.

Your Input
  • Message Text
  • Images or Videos to attach to the message
  • Social Network targeting options, privacy, geolocation options
  • Hootsuite Message Tags
  • Webhook callback servers
  • Social account(s) to publish to
  • Messages scheduled and visible on your Hootsuite dashboard.

User Management API

Use the User Management API to onboard users into a Hootsuite instance using the SCIM provisioning standard.

Your Input
  • Users to add to the Hootsuite instance
  • Teams to create in the Hootsuite instance
  • User(s) added to Hootsuite instance
  • Teams created in Hootsuite instance
  • User(s) deprovisioned from Hootsuite instance API

Use the API to shorten links. Available to Enterprise Users only.

Your Input
  • Web Link to Shorten
  • Shortened links in the format
  • Shortened links using configured vanity URLs
  • Click stats for shortened links.

Amplify API

Use the Amplify API to publish content directly into Amplify and retrieve employee advocated content.

Your Input
  • Message Text
  • Shareable networks
  • Photos or Videos
  • Shareability
  • Publish and expiry date
  • Pinned or not
  • Editable or not
  • Suggested content or not
  • Source network and user
  • Message with media and associated attributes to be shared within Amplify


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