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Extend Hootsuite’s new Composer using media library apps

Josh Brown · about a month ago

If you use Hootsuite through our iOS or Android apps then you might have tried out the new Composer. Composer is a feature that Hootsuite has launched in beta and it gives social media practitioners a powerful new ...

    Monthly App Roundup - October

    Whitney Chand · about a month ago

    Hope all of our Hootsuite Developers had a happy Halloween! With everyone planning their costumes, carving pumpkins, and binge-watching Stranger Things, we had a spookily quiet month, with only 2 new Apps and 1 App update!

      Monthly App Roundup - September

      Whitney Chand · 2 months ago

      Fall is officially in full swing! 🍂 We’re definitely seeing that end-of-year hustle with one quarter remaining for everyone to wrap up their yearly goals and KPIs. One of our main KPIs here on the Ecosystem Team is the number of new and updated Apps we have in our App Directory, reflecting a robust...

        Writing Sample Apps

        Hootsuite Platform · 3 months ago

        When I arrived at Hootsuite as a Summer High School Technical Intern I was tasked with creating Sample Apps for the Hootsuite App Directory. These apps should be easy for developers to host, quickly modify to suit their purposes, and use a minimal amount of external lib...

          Monthly App Roundup - August

          Whitney Chand · 3 months ago

          While the summer tends to be a slower time of the year, the last bit of August did see a flurry of activity, with the release of 4 new Apps! This Monthly App Round-up includes these 4 Apps: Tweepsmap, Adobe AEM, Cloohawk, and Vanilla Forums. We also had an exciting assignments update for the Brandwa...

            API Design at Hootsuite

            Hootsuite Platform · 3 months ago

            Jon Slow sees that his favorite social media platform is missing a feature that would make it great: the ability to directly add pictures from his Google Drive account. He asks the company support if they’re going to add this feature, and gets a negative response, so Jon decides to do it himself. Wi...

              Monthly App Roundup - July

              Whitney Chand · 4 months ago

              Welcome to another installment of our Monthly App Roundup! While the summer months tend to be slower with people enjoying the beautiful summer weather, we still had some exciting updates! Primal launched their official App, and we had three other updates from Vimeo, Reputology, and CELUM.

                Monthly App Roundup - June

                Whitney Chand · 5 months ago

                As we continue to invest in our Developer Ecosystem throughout 2017 and beyond, we want to ensure we’re keeping our developers, partners and customers up-to-date on all things Ecosystem. As such, we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be posting monthly Developer Blog updates regarding all of our new ...

                  Launching our new Hootsuite Developer Forum

                  Whitney Chand · 6 months ago

                  Forums foster innovation and collaboration, and we want to encourage our talented pool of current and prospective Developers and Partners to share their insight into our Developer Program.

                  We’ve been working hard to bring our Developer Community a brand new forum experience for you to connect, get...

                    We’re investing $5 million in new integrations

                    Omar Kaywan · 7 months ago

                    We work hard to make Hootsuite the leading social media management platform.

                    We’ve succeeded in large part to the contributions of hundreds of talented independent developers like you who have built innovative enterprise-grade integrations and apps on top of our platform.

                    They’ve helped us build...

                      Making Hootsuite’s App Directory SDK 100x Faster

                      Hootsuite Platform · 9 months ago

                      The KISS Principle

                      The KISS Principle states that most systems work best if kept simple, avoiding unnecessary complexity. By applying this idea to the Hootsuite App Directory, we were able to make a massive difference in speed and functionality, whi...